Review of Her Black Wings by AJ Norris

This book was great! Norris did a fantastic job pulling me in to this complicated world and I loved her descriptions!

Amalya was a very complex character. So many bad things had happened to her in her life and then she meets Elliott, who is in a bad place himself. Even through everything Amalya had endured she still had enough good in her to change things around her. Even though she hadn’t had the courage to do that in life, she does in death.

I just think that Elliott and Amalya are my new favorite book couple. I loved when they were together, how they communicated with each other. Sure, there were some issues but what relationship doesn’t have those? I think Norris did a great job making things believable.

I can’t wait for the next installment and would definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves angel and demon books!

Want to purchase it? Find it on Amazon:

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