Handling Bad Reviews

The picture I’ve chosen shows exactly how you should handle bad reviews. With grace and dignity because the truth of the matter is not everyone will like your book. I’ve been very fortunate so far with reviews, though. I’ve only had one two star rating…but I’m sure more will come.

When I first saw the two star, I got mad. I’m sure most of us authors do this. Then we start smack talking to a family or loved one, but when we calm down we realize it’s only one rating and who cares if they didn’t like it because thirty-nine others did. And that’s saying something, right?

Or…am I the only one who gets crazy mad? I could be, but I don’t think so. Putting ourselves out there for the world to see is hard. Exposing ourselves to others is hard too. For me, I put my heart and soul into the book I wrote and seeing someone not like it hurts, but it shouldn’t. Because as I said, not everyone will like your book.

A lot of other authors don’t ever even look at their reviews. I couldn’t do that. I have to look because I’m curious by nature. I’ve just learned to accept the fact that some people might respond differently than anticipated and that’s okay. Even Harry Potter got 1 and 2 star reviews and look how well J.K. Rowling did…

My best advice is this: No matter how mad you get when you see a bad review, don’t respond. It makes you look very unprofessional. Building your author brand is important, but going out and causing a scene over a bad review makes whatever name you’ve given yourself change. It takes on wrong move to make yourself into something else. If you remember nothing else from this blog post, remember that.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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