Facebook rears its ugly head

As the title suggests, I’m not real happy with Facebook right now. I have seen so many other people go through what I’m going through too, which makes me even more mad. Why, Facebook, do you have to restrict people? A big thumbs down, Facebook…a big thumbs down.

Sure, I posted every single day in book groups about my books, which I have seen others do. I only posted in the ones that this was allowed in and read the rules of each and every group, but for some reason I have now been restricted from posting for two weeks. I’m sure I was reported for spam, but why when I thought I was following the rules and why again when other people do the same exact thing?

Don’t get me wrong, if I did wrong then I should be punished, sure. But, I feel like I’ve been wronged here. And of course Facebook won’t answer my email about this and even if they did they wouldn’t take the restriction away…it says so right in their rules.They cannot reverse restrictions until time is served. Or something like that. What the heck Facebook…am I in jail or something for posting once a day about my book? Seriously?

In other news, I just received an email regarding the submission of my second book, Surrounded by Flames. Limitless would like to offer me a contract:) *throws confetti* So, even though I’m “grounded” from Facebook, I also got some good news.

Facebook…you and me are done…at least for two weeks. The thing is, it really is the best platform to promote yourself as an author. I don’t understand why posting once a day about my book, adding a teaser with the post, offends anyone. It’s silly. Frankly, I enjoy reading people’s book posts and sometimes I’m not able to get on and see them, so it’s nice that they post every day so I can see it. Of course, I don’t know that anyone really reported me, but why else would I have been restricted?

It seems to me that regardless of the situation, there are mean people everywhere…even in the book world.

But, at least my second book will be picked up by Limitless Publishing:) In the midst of the darkness shines a bright and never ending light, a beacon to lead me down the right path. I’m glad I’m following it:)


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