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So, I just wanted to post today about my book. My actual website is and I have book stuff over there, but since this is my blog I want to put some here too. Also, I would love to talk about some marketing efforts I’ve taken so far with my first book, which I think is doing fairly okay over on Amazon, but Amazon is kind of its own beast and I haven’t figured it all out yet.

Ahem…marketing though…


It’s tough, right? Marketing for me has been the most difficult thing to figure out anything about and honestly I haven’t really figured it all out-not even close really. So far, here’s what I’ve done.

1-I have posted a ton in facebook book groups. When I say a ton, I really mean I post every day, usually in the evening. Some groups I post twice, but I try not to. It has kept my sales rank pretty good so it seems to work.

2-I post teasers. I make teasers myself, and the picture at the top of this post is one of the ones I’ve made myself. It’s not hard to find stock photos that you can use on sites such as Canva, Pexels, and Pixabay. I think the most difficult part about making a teaser is actually finding the right passage for it.

3-Recently, I ran a five day free promo for my book. After the free sale was over, my ranking reached an all time low at 10,000 in the paid Kindle store, which was crazy. I hovered between 10k and 20k for what seemed like at least two weeks too, and then slowly started to drop. From everything I’ve researched, it looks like running a free promo doesn’t drop your rank in the paid store, so I think so many people downloaded the free book that Amazon started sending those awesome emails out. You know the ones if you’ve ever bought a book, they will send you recommendations. That’s what I think happened, so I think a free promo worked very well for me.

4-I am on social media all the time. I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I keep active on each of these platforms. I also respond to every single person that takes the time to comment or message me. I feel like if you do these things, you are on the right track.

So, that is all I’ve got so far. My book has only been out since April 19th, though, so I’m still learning, but hopefully these little things I’ve done will help you when you get started to. Feel free to shoot any questions into the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them to the best of my knowledge!! And definitely let me know what you think of my teasers!

Also, Above the Flames is available over on Amazon so if you’re a reader who loves demon and angel books, check it out today!! Thanks for following and hope you guys have a great weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Marketing Books”

  1. Honestly, I feel your pain about marketing. I’ve done a ton of things to market my book, but nothing came of it. However, try not to feel discouraged. If you keep at, you are bound to get more readers for your story. I hope we both get a lot of readers one day.

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    1. Thanks! I am definitely not discouraged. In fact I am determined and have taken it as a challenge. I hope we both sell some books too! I have definitely sold some, but I hope to take it to the next level one day. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

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