Emotional Scenes

A picture is worth a thousand words. At least that’s what people say. This picture makes me feel something, though. It makes me feel the beauty within it and it makes me want to be there, in this moment, with my husband by my side seeing this beautiful sight. Inside, my emotions stir when I look at this cover photo…

Today, I want to talk about writing emotional scenes and how they affect you. It’s hard, right? *nods head*


But, it’s also very rewarding when someone tells you that what you wrote made them feel exactly what you wanted them to and sometimes even more, just like this ordinary stock photo spoke to me I want my words to speak to someone else. Recently I wrote a Facebook post about emotional scenes and I thought, why not go into it a little more here.

For me, every single emotional scene I write I pull on the death of my dad. He passed away in 2001. I was a Senior in High School and the loss absolutely devastated me at the time. I was closer with my dad than my mom then and losing the person who was basically your best friend…well…if you have experienced loss you know what I went through.

Of course, I didn’t deal with it very well, but since then I’ve grown as a person and learned to tuck things that hurt into a separate part of myself that I don’t care to bring up. When I’m writing though, it comes into play because that hurt and that pain make me a better writer. As hard as it is to dig up those old emotions, the end result is worth it.

Why do we writers put ourselves through so much emotion only to write? Because we are crafting a story, telling a tale. We want that story to shine and to make people feel. Just like a singer, who tells a story with song, we tell a story with our words. The end result is the same in both worlds. We all want people to feel what we put behind the words, whether singing or writing.

How hard is it for you to put emotions into your work? Do you use music to inspire you or do you have little things, or big things for that matter, that you tucked away long ago and only bring out when you have to?

The struggle is real…


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