Write for Life

Yes, I said it. Write for life…and no…I don’t really know what it means. Only this: if you love writing than do it and do it often.

For a long time, I had absolutely no confidence in myself as a writer. None. As in zilch, zero, nil…you get it right? But for some reason, I didn’t let that stop me and I kept going and I published my first book in April. Above the Flames is the first novel I actually sat down to write and I finished it and worked my butt off to find the right publisher and voila…it happened for me.

It can happen for you too.

Here’s how.

1-Work hard and often. You can’t write a first draft and think you’re done. Edit that thing already. And then edit it again. And maybe even again. Here’s a little fact about my first book…I wrote the first chapter at least thirty different times. Maybe that was a bit of overkill, but it worked because that first chapter has to pop and mine popped enough to catch the attention of my publisher.

2-Socialize. Use social media for exactly what it was intended for. Talk to people. Network. Build your name up even before you decide to publish. I didn’t do this. I waited…but I can socialize in my sleep. They call me the social butterfly and with good reason. I love to talk. But, along these lines, if someone goes out of their way to message you, then respond to them. Tell them thank you for reaching out. Talk to every single person you can. It’s really the only way to get your name out there with people. Word of mouth travels fast, especially when you are polite and courteous and go out of your way to talk to people.

3-Have a few close friends who can read your work and tell you the TRUTH! The truth being the key word in that sentence…you don’t want a person to read your WIP and say “It’s great,” and not really mean it. I met a couple good friends who have helped me tremendously and I couldn’t ask for better writer friends. To be honest, the writing community is spectacular and very encouraging. We are a tight nit group, and while most of us are busy with our own work it doesn’t mean you can’t make the right friend within the community that will become your “go to” for everything writing related.

4-Don’t give up. This one’s important because it’s hard not too, especially after hearing no so many times. Don’t let the word no discourage you though. Every publisher out there is looking for something extremely different and you just have to find the right fit for your work. I did, which means you can too!

Hope this helps a bit. I just thought I’d put a little advice out here for anyone inspiring to do the whole writing thing. Feel free to drop me a comment below and tell me what you think or share your very own experiences. Every opinion and experience adds a little something to this post, so share away! Thanks for following and hope you have a fabulous day!


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