Tis the Season

This is definitely another post about Christmas. But read on, it might be very different than the ones you are used to. Or, it could be a little of the same song and dance. You really won’t know unless you read it, though, right?

Some of you may know, but I work at a retail store. A busy one. And because of this, this time of year brings bell ringers. If you are a bell ringer, more power to you because that is a job I don’t think I could do. But I’d also like to talk about the bell ringer I saw today because he was crazy. Every time I went outside he rang his bell with zest and even right in my face sometimes, saying “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” This probably happened at least 10 times throughout the day. It didn’t matter that I worked there, that he knew I saw him all those times. He still said those things to me.

Honestly, the bell was getting on my nerves and the “Merry Christmases” were as well. I may have said some things I shouldn’t have about this bell ringer. And then, upon further reflection, I realized I’m the one with the problem. He’s doing his job, and rather well because the other bell ringer wasn’t pulling in nearly the amount of donations as the “annoying in my eyes” one. So, obviously, just as I have a job to do, so does he, and he’s doing it. So who am I to judge him because of his methods.

This holiday season, smile and say Merry Christmas. And don’t give two craps about the people judging you. Obviously, upon further reflection, they are assholes. I know I am sometimes.

Be kind to others. Smile at them. The holiday is about so many things. Being together and making wonderful memories is only part of it. Instead of being nasty, just be nice. I guess this is where this post becomes a bit like the others because it’s a good lesson to learn. I learned mine. Will you? Give me a like if you will at least try:)


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