About the weather …

Okay, so I get it’s October and things will be going downhill fast here in Ohio. I’m a realist. I understand. But, to have snow over the weekend and now a sunny sky with seventy degree weather? Yeah. I’m over the changes. I’ll tell you why. Because I can’t get over this damn sinus infection I’ve had for over a month because of the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ohio. It’s the best. And, let’s face it. It’s the only place you can go through all four seasons in one day. I saw a post about that on Facebook once and thought, yeah. that is so true! And it is. There was a day about two years ago around this time of the year. It started out warm, then eventually storm clouds rolled in and thunder struck through the air like giant drum beats. Then, what do you think happened? Yup! The temperature dropped and another storm came in, bringing hail that covered the whole parking lot of the store I was working at. The temperature dropped even more and ta-da! Rain turned to snow. But, I guess we didn’t go through Fall that day since the leaves didn’t magically start to change.

Ohio weather always keeps you on your toes. I want to pass on a bit of advice for anyone visiting, or recently moved to our fine state. Always have an umbrella handy, and pack a small bag to keep in your car with winter clothes in it. Seriously! You’ll never know when you might need them 😉

Until next time!


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