When Life Gives You Lemons …

You squeeze them until they are mush in your hands, the juice flowing through your fingers and dripping onto the ground below your feet. Oh wait, that’s not what you do at all. But, let me share something. I’ve been handed a whole lot of lemons lately. A whole lot! So, instead of throwing them at the wall, or the nearest rude customer I wait on, I’m going to peel them, and eat the slices. I know, you probably just puckered your lips just thinking about that, but you know what? I love lemons. Always have. I used to eat them raw. My mom and dad would take us out every Friday for a fish dinner, and I would always say, “Can I have your lemons?” So guess what? I’m gonna keep puckering my lips as I taste the delicious, sour juices slithering down my throat.

Another little note, and perhaps a piece of advice. I know that everyone has a profession. Whether it be something you went to school for, or a job you work part time because you are a parent and that comes first. Regardless, just because someone has a job that is beneath your own, be nice to them. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a cashier, and some days, I can see the way people look at me. But let me ask you something? If you didn’t have a cashier when you went to the checkout, how far do you think you would get on your own? It’s not as easy as most people think. It’s hard enough handling people on a good day, but throw in the fact that you have to scan groceries and listen for your beep in a sea of a million other beeps heard round the store, and the fact that your computer keeps freezing and see what you get. I’m telling you, it’s not hard, but it’s not that easy either. So be nice to the people who are waiting on you. Whether it be a waitress, or a cashier, or a gas station clerk. I don’t care who it is, practice civility, and it will come back to you ten-fold!

This wasn’t a rant, just an observation, and perhaps a bit of advice! See ya next time!


2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons …”

  1. Hey Cassie! NIce one. I like your cheery blog colours 🙂

    My other half works in a convenience store, and I know he’d agree with all the comments you make. Politeness and a smile cost nothing!

    The other night he had to go back into work late because some chap was threatening the staff, a youngish girl and lad. No one should have to put up with that in their job.

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  2. I see it every day. I would never treat someone who is helping me the way some others do me. So, I thought I’d write about it:) It’s been a rough week in the retail world!!


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